Tennis coaching for all ages and abilities, fun and engaging sessions run by former pro tennis player and PTR qualified coach Matt Kinsler, suitable for all levels whether you want help to develop your game or looking to improve your fitness levels each session is tailor made to each individuals requirements. Each lesson will work on what we believe is the 3 most important areas of tennis: Technique, Movement and Fitness. 


At Edge Tennis it is important to us that all lessons can be affordable to families and those looking to get into tennis for the first time. we offer affordable Individual sessions, Group sessions, Junior coaching and Fitness and movement sessions so even if you just want to improve your overall fitness levels we have something for everyone. 

Tennis has been proven to be the number sport for overall mental and physical health so book in a free half an hour session and see if it is for you.


1to1 Personal training, Group Get fit, get moving with our taylor made fitness sessions designed to improve fitness, strength and movement. If you like working out and train regularly but looking for something a little different these sessions are ideal for you. Sessions will include strength and conditioning work using free weights and body weight exercises, outdoor cardio work and movement drills.

Sessions will be Taylor made to your individual goals and to suit your schedule whether you like to train super early in the morning or late evenings.


Learn the importance of training your mind like you would train your body with engaging mind training. Exercises included in each session will take your game to a whole new level.

Studies have proven that mental training will not only enhance performance and improve productivity but also add to your enjoyment. Whatever your age, whatever your game you can learn how to use your mind more constructively. You can learn how to stay focused, stay motivated and avoid distractions. You can learn how to follow your dreams and live your life on purpose. Achieving this inner excellence is a process. Building mental muscle like building physical muscle requires time and effort the more you work on the inside, the more it will show on the outside.

With each Edge Tennis session you will learn how to build and sustain mental muscle and will experience all the mind training exercises used by players such as Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal to keep them at the top of the game and focused during each point. 

Sessions will include

  • Understanding the difference between mind and being. 
  • Mental toughness work
  • Goal setting-how to set realistic goals and achieve them
  • Learning how to perform under pressure 

Attitude is everything, I believe a champion wins the game in his mind first then plays the game, not the other way around, its powerful stuff.

Matt Kinsler, Edge Tennis