About Matthew Kinsler

Matt is a PTR qualified tennis coach, Fitness Instructor & Personal trainer based in Bournemouth. Matt started his tennis career working at David Lloyd as a tennis coach he then joined the ATP world tour playing in world ranking events. This was when he realized the importance of the mental side of the game. Matt then decided to set up his own coaching business MK tennis coaching in 2013 to share this information with his clients to help improve their game.

 Matt strongly believes in the importance of the mental side of sport and how the mind is just as important to train as the body. Matt has since rebranded his coaching business Edge Tennis in 2016 to include mind training exercises into each lesson to not only improve a players tennis game but there mental game.

Matt says" I'm very excited to set up and share Edge tennis with everyone, it is very important to me that players are aware of the mental side of the game and how crucial it is if you want to be successful on the tennis court. A bad attitude and the wrong mental preparation are worse than a bad swing. I believe a champion wins in his mind first, then plays the game not the other way around. its powerful stuff"